Production Facilities

PT. MKF believes that quality is the only key to achieve trust and long term relationship with our worldwide partners.

With combined experience of our founders and the special skills of our workforce, quality is something you don't need to worry about when working with PT. MKF.

PT. MKF carries out the entire production process, backed with the best production facilities - with priority on quality for customer satisfaction. For us, success is when customers have established continuous and continuous working relationships.

PT. MKF has a workshop and factory located in Surakarta (Solo), Central Java - Indonesia, which is the place where famous craftsmen come from. We integrate a variety of quality raw materials without limits with very high weaving skills to produce products that are more valuable and have extra durability.

With premium quality for natural and synthetic rattan products, PT. MKF serves customers from wholeseller, interior and furniture boutiques as well as traders, in order to be able to get appreciation from its end-users and get sustainable profit.

Four Pillars of Production Facilities that support PT. MKF

Skilled Craftsmen

MKF employs only the selected craftsmen for rattan wicker weaving process from Surakarta, Central Java, which is known for its expertise and very high level of skill.

Quality Control

We sort very strictly all the quality raw materials that we will use as well as the entire production process to become finished goods and packaged for delivery to customers. Quality is essential to us.

Reliable Technology

We rely on the latest technology that is able to provide consistency and help us to deliver products in such a short and efficient timing.

Never Ending Development

MKF never stops in developing various new product variants, starting from the development and search for alternative raw materials as well as the development of modern and contemporary designs.

Quality & Excellence Committment

Our quality commitment has already become a company culture, PT. MKF has applied the satisfaction guarantee to both our local and worldwide customers.

As a trusted supplier in the Indonesian natural rattan wicker products, PT. MKF will alwyas aim to be even better. We will provide consistent quality wicker products and also design solutions that deliver positive returns to our partners and clients.

Quality Is Priority

We will provide quality natural wicker rattan products that consistently deliver positive returns to our partners and clients.

Time & Work Efficiency

We will push our operational hours and costs with optimal efficiency to reduce cost and lead time for our customers.


We will be transparent in everything that we do, from sourcing, manufacturing, weaving and crafting, to give better information to our customers.