About Us

PT. Multi Kreatif Furnindo (MKF) is a company that produces various handicraft products with specialization in contemporary products made from quality natural rattan woven.

A partner you can trust to supply various furniture and home accessories products made from rattan on a giant, sustainable scale.

PT. MKF has been trusted by international customers because of the consistency in attending various international expo events and proven delivery of good quality natural and synthetic rattan woven products. With large-scale production capabilities and the support of our Indonesian skilled craftsmen, MKF can be relied on for punctual deliveries that exceeds customer’s expectations.

MKF is an Indonesian wicker factory specialised in natural cane and rattan woven outdoor furniture and accessories. The factory was established by the experts and veterans in the weaving industry in Surakarta, Central Java - Indonesia, where the most qualified craftsmen in the country can be found. MKF has the production capability to produce and supply from mid to mega scale project covering overseas market nearby or around the world. With decades of combined experience and unique knowledge from our founders, we’ll be your best partner for the long run.

Specialised in natural rattan wicker furniture and home accessories products, MKF is also producing synthetic wicker products with a very high similarity to the natural wicker products (With natural textures and natural wash colors).

Our Vision & Mission


Being a leader in the world of Indonesian rattan woven handicraft products that are able to improve the living standards of Indonesian craftsmen, are able to position Indonesia as the best country for rattan woven products and provide clear and striking differences with superior performance in service, timeliness and product quality.


Providing professional services, cost efficient, in a short time. Bringing a wide selection of solutions from design to the diversity of raw materials with unlimited creativity.

Our Market

Combined together, PT. MKF has worked with more than 50 regular customers from trading businesses, furniture wholesellers, to world-renowned exclusive boutiques.

As a trusted manufacturer of quality rattan woven furniture and accessories from Indonesia, MKF continues to increase its portfolio of customer trust in various countries. Until now, MKF has served customers from the USA, Japan, South Korea and several countries in Europe.