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MKF is a Indonesian wicker factory specialised in natural cane and rattan woven outdoor furniture and accessories. The factory was established by the experts and veterans in the weaving industry in Surakarta, Central Java - Indonesia, where the most qualified craftsmen in the country can be found. MKF has the production capability to produce and supply from mid to mega scale project covering overseas market nearby or around the world. With decades of combined experience and unique knowledge from our founders, we’ll be your best partner for the long run.

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We are capable of producing all kinds of natural cane and rattan woven variations. Our product designers and consultants will work close to you to help you achieve the desired product according to your design requirements.

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Production Facilities

We have invested in large infrastructure facilities for the guarantee of speed and efficiency of production, but still the essence of our wicker products lies in the experienced hands of our woven craftsmen. Our people is where we invest the most, thanks to them MKF is in better position to serve the needs of the modern contemporary world.

Our experienced craftsmen weaving a rattan basket.

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